The Pete Rose Case


Source Documents

Physical Evidence

These are just a few items from the Dowd Report, the ones that are most often referenced.

  • Betting Slip #1 of 3 – alleged to show Rose’s bets for 4/8/87 and 4/9/87
  • Betting Slip #2 of 3 – alleged to show Rose’s bets for 4/10/87 and 4/11/87
  • Check from Rose to Gioiosa – the smoking gun that links Rose to Ron Peters, the bookie Rose claimed he didn’t know. Peters claimed he stopped taking Rose’s bets because he owed $34,000. When Peters told him this, Rose exploded, claiming that he had given Tommy Gioiosa a check for that amount, and that Gioiosa must have stiffed them both. Peters said that Rose showed him a copy of this check as a gesture of good faith, and it turned up later when Rose turned over his bank records.

Other Sources of Information