Rose/Giamatti Agreement

                        OF BASEBALL
                      350 PARK AVENUE
                    NEW YORK, NEW YORK

In the Matter of:               ) 
Peter Edward Rose, Manager      )
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club   )


     On March 6, 1989, the Commissioner of Baseball instituted
an investigation of Peter Edward Rose, the field manager of the
Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club, concerning allegations that Peter
Edward Rose engaged in conduct not in the best interests of 
baseball in violation of Major League Rule 21, including but not
limited to betting on Major League Baseball games in connection
with which he had a duty to perform.

     The Commissioner engaged a special counsel to conduct a full,
fair and confidential inquiry of the allegations against Peter
Edward Rose.  Peter Edward Rose was given notice of the allegations
and he and his counsel were generally apprised of the nature and
progress of the investigation.  During the inquiry, Peter Edward
Rose produced documents, gave handwriting exemplars and responded
to questions under oath upon oral deposition.  During the deposition,
the special counsel revealed key evidence gathered in the inquiry
to Peter Edward Rose and his counsel.

     On May 9, 1989, the special counsel provided a 225-page
report, accompanied by seven volumes of exhibits, to the 
Commissioner.  On May 11, 1989 the Commissioner provided a copy
of the Report to Peter Edward Rose and his counsel, and scheduled
a hearing on May 25, 1989 to give Peter Edward Rose an opportunity
to respond formally to the information in the report.  Peter Edward
Rose received, read and is aware of the contents of the Report.
On May 19, 1989, Peter Edward Rose requested, and subsequently 
received, an extension of the hearing date until June 26, 1989.
Peter Edward Rose acknowledges that the Commissioner has treated
him fairly in this Agreement and has acted in good faith throughout
the course of the investigation and proceedings.

     Peter Edward Rose will conclude these proceedings before the
Commissioner without a hearing and the Commissioner will not make
any formal findings or determinations on any matter including
without limitation the allegation that Peter Edward Rose bet on
any Major League Baseball game.  The Commissioner has determined
that the best interests of Baseball are served by a resolution
of this matter on the following agreed upon terms and conditions:

     1. Peter Edward Rose recognizes, agrees and submits to the
sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Commissioner:

     A. To investigate, either upon complain or upon his own
initiative, any act, transaction or practice charged, alleged or
suspected to be not in the best interests of the national game of
Baseball; and 

     B. To determine, after investigation, what preventive, 
remedial, or punitive action is appropriate in the premises, and to
take such action as the case may be.

     2. Counsel for Peter Edward Rose, upon his authority, have
executed a stipulation dismissing with prejudice the civil action
that was originally filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Hamitlon
County, Ohio, captioned Peter Edward Rose v. A. Bartlett Giamatti,
No. A8905178, and subsequently removed to the United States District
Court from the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, Docket
No. C-2-89-577.

     3. Peter Edward Rose will not avail himself of the opportunity
to participate in a hearing concerning the allegations against him,
or otherwise offer any defense to those allegations.

     4. Peter Edward Rose acknowledges that the Commissioner has a
factual basis to impose the penalty provided herein, and hereby
accepts the penalty imposed on him by the Commissioner and agrees
not to challenge that penalty in court or otherwise.  He also agrees
he will not institute any legal proceedings of any nature against the
Commissioner of any of his representatives, either Major League or
any Major League Club.

     5. The commissioner recognizes and agrees that it is in the
best interests of the national game of Baseball that this matter
be resolved pursuant to his sole and exclusive authority under 
the Major League Agreement.

     THEREFORE, the Commissioner, recognizing the benefits to
Baseball from a resolution of this matter, orders and directs
that Peter Edward Rose be subject to the following disciplinary
sanctions, and Peter Edward Rose, recognizing the sole and exclusive
authority of the Commissioner and that it is in his interest to
resolve this matter without further proceedings, agrees to accept
the following disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Commissioner.

     a. Peter Edward Rose is hereby declared permanently ineligible
in accordance with Major League Rule 21 and placed on the Ineligible

     b. Nothing in this Agreement shall deprive Peter Edward Rose of
the rights under Major League Rule 15(c) to apply for reinstatement.
Peter Edward Rose agrees not to challenge, appeal or otherwise
contest the decision of, or the procedure employed by, the 
Commissioner or any future Commissioner in the evaluation of any
application for reinstatement.

     c. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed either an
admission or a denial by Peter Edward Rose of the allegation
that he bet on any Major League Baseball game.

     Neither the Commissioner nor Peter Edward Rose shall be
prevented by this agreement from making any public statement
relating to this matter so long as no such public statement
contradicts the terms of this agreement and resolution.

     This document contains the entire agreement of the
parties and represents the entire resolution of the matter of
Peter Edward Rose before the Commissioner.

Agreed to and resolved this 23rd day of August 1989,

(signed)                         (signed)
Peter Edward Rose                A. Bartlett Giamatti
                                 Commissioner of Baseball

Witnessed by:                    Witnessed by:
(signed)                         (signed)
Reuven K. Katz, Esquire          (Fay Vincent Jr.) 
Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild

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